I Lost my Bag in Tokyo

AXA Saved my Holiday when I Accidentally Lost my Bag
On a recent trip to Tokyo, I accidentally lost my bag. I know people lose their bags all the time, but you don’t realise how upsetting it is until it happens to you. My brother lives in Tokyo and I had gone to visit him. I wanted to see some of the famous shrines and the Asakusa Kannon Temple so we went on a tour which ended at the Ginza shopping district. I had a wonderful day, but it was on the train journey back that I lost my bag. I started crying as I had lots of money in the bag as well my mobile phone. I didn’t know what to do.

My brother comforted me and called the police to report the lost property. The police said they would try to recover my bag but it was likely I wouldn’t get it back. They advised me to contact my travel insurance company. We went to my brother’s apartment and went on to the AXA website where I found the AXA contact information. When I called, the AXA claim advisor was very patient. She calmed me down and explained what my AXA Smart Traveller VIP Plan insurance covered. She took me through the step-by-step process of downloading the form I needed to make my claim and posting it. Thanks to AXA I knew that I would be reimbursed and I could relax and enjoy the rest of my holiday despite having lost my money and my mobile phone. My claim was soon approved and AXA reimbursed my bag and the contents in my bag, including the Yen I had exchanged on the day and my smartphone.

*These illustrative stories are fictional examples and are for reference only.

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