Tuk Tuk Collision in Bangkok

I suffered a broken ankle from riding in a Tuk Tuk
No visit to Thailand would be complete without the experience of driving in a Tuk Tuk. My husband and I were in Bangkok celebrating our wedding anniversary. One night, coming back from dinner, I persuaded him to take a Tuk Tuk to our hotel. Moving through the roads was a slow process and as we moved out of the congested city roads, I didn’t recognise the direction we were going in. My husband and I advised the driver he was going the wrong way and taking us further away from our hotel.

He replied that he was taking us to a ‘secret place’ and we were very lucky. He asked for a further 100 baht. My husband demanded that he stop the Tuk Tuk and let us out immediately. The driver slammed on the brakes and I was thrown out onto the road. I couldn’t put any pressure on my foot and my husband had to carry me to the pavement. I was taken to the nearest hospital where my right leg was examined and x-rayed. It turned out that I had broken my ankle. My husband called AXA who we had travel insurance with and we were relieved to find out from the AXA claim adviser that we were entitled to a hospital cash benefit. The AXA Smart Traveller Classic Plan we bought prior to travelling covered our expenses relating to accidental bodily injury and paid for the follow-up treatment I needed on arriving home.

*These illustrative stories are fictional examples and are for reference only.

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